100% Funded! No Admin Fees! ~ Public Domestic Funding.

Yes & No. Nothing is ever free is it really. The truth is that Government policy has been in place for nearly a decade, which places a Green Levy Tax on Domestic energy purchases.

Research by the regulator, Ofgem, puts the average cost/tax at £90 a year, for every household in the UK.
So you have probably paid in excess of £800 total into the fund.

The money is actually collected by your Energy Retailer, held seperately, and used to fund the ECO (Energy Company Obligation) scheme. UK citizens are then entitled to access this fund, so as to generate clean Energy (Solar/wind), or save energy (Insulation).

Thus, a Company who are qualified & regulated to install Cavity Wall Insulation, are able to do that for you for FREE, then claim the money from an Energy Retailer, through the ECO scheme. *There is no risk to you EVER of having to pay at any point later either.

So... Yes the work is FREE in that you do not pay anything for it. Not for the assessment, the materials, the work or the guarantee.

BUT, you've already pre-paid for it really... Via Tax.

Do you want 100% Free Home Insulation?

*You have already pre-paid for it via the Green Levy Energy Tax on your energy bill.